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Location of project:

Location of project is located on Au Co Road. Au Co’s road currently is 20m wide. This road is the main transportation route which links from Tan Phu District to Binh Tan District, District 10, and District 11. This road will soon be renovated and expanded in the near future.

Project Addressed 22 Au Co will be approximately 1km from Tan Phu District Center and about 1.5km away from Bau Cat II. Project will be part of main part of Au Co’s.  It will be part of a Bermuda Triangle with Luy Ban Bich and Thoai Ngoc Hau.

  • North: There is a 6m alley separating the project’s premises with the Eastern Tile Company.
  • South:  Land borders Bita’s Company.
  • West: Public Park and currently existing residence.
  • East: Au Co Road (20m wide), (future renovation will be 30m wide)

Objective of Project:

Project construction will consist of 1 building will be include 3 blocks, 1 basements and 18 floors used for apartments and commercial purposes.  It will include also:

  • Level 1-2 will be used for commercial purposes. It will included a full facility with active modern life such as commercial health services, child care center, swimming pool,  gymnasium,  and a recovery community service center.
  • Level 3-18- attic will be used for apartments and offices. These gardens will a green element of INVESTCO BABYLON.
  • 1 parking basement
  • 1 swimming pool located on the ground floor.

Area of land:

Total land area: 5,177m2

Construction area: 2,037 m2

Total floor area of building: 31,834 m2

Construction density: 39%

Time and Progress of Project: 2010 - 2013

-     Construction of infrastructure:  quarter III/2010 – quarter I/2013

 -    Completion of Construction:     quarter          I/2013 – quarter I/2014

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Photos in November-2013.

Photos in March-2013.

Photos in February-2013.

Photos in October-2012.

Photos in September-2012.

Photos in August-2012.

Photos in July-2012.

Photos in June-2011.

Photos in January - 2011.

INVESTCO BABYLON groundbreaking ceremony.













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