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Investment & Construction Development Corporation - INVESTCO has become a brand name that means quality and competitiveness in construction-related fields, the company greatest activities being in construction contracting. INVESTCO has built thousands of houses, buildings, factories, entertainment centers and infrastructure of industrial parks.

In the field of consulting services, INVESTCO has insured the success of many large projects that have wisely used the companys consulting services. To diversify, INVESTCO has invested in real estate to develop new urban areas and residential areas in response to the enormous demand for housing of a burgeoning population. Looking forward to future economic integration, INVESTCO recently got involved in financial investment buying stocks in some potential companies.

The reputation of the INVESTCO brand name in the market today is in part due to its distinguished corporate culture. The companys enthusiastic management team has worked together to develop the company since the very early stage and has carried it through a great many difficulties and challenges. The companys success is due to its clear operations, friendly working environment and fair judgment. At INVESTCO every executive feels that the companys employees are its most valuable asset. As the saying goes, people are the source of all resources, and all the employees are equally encouraged to sharpen their professional skill at the huge construction sites they are working on, and in making use of the foreign experts advanced technology. INVESTCO has grown up with their participation in many big projects and cooperation has taken place with foreign investors, contractors and consultants from countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

INVESTCOs today success is partially attributed to the significant support of its partners in Vietnam and abroad on the principle of win-win cooperation.

To enhance its competitiveness in light of Vietnams upcoming entry into the WTO, INVESTCO is looking to quality improvement, well-turned machinery and capable human resources. Being well prepared, INVESTCO is ready for integration and confidently marches forward.


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