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Real estate trend with marina

Many real estate giants are urgently Saigon marina built for the housing projects along the river, which previously only appeared in the island waters rich tourism potentials such as Cat Ba (Hai Phong), Week Chau (Halong Bay).


Business investment not hesitate to add several hundred billion contract to build a marina next to the building of condominiums and villas, with special Categories expectations will help increase the value of a project the river frontage landscape is poetic perfection.


Recently inaugurated a period in mid-May, the project owner Saigon Saigon Pearl River, had planned to start the construction and completion of a marina, yacht club at the park River project in 2011. Total investment is calculated separately for this category were up to 400 billion, creating space for mooring about 130 canoes and yachts.


Categories Perspective marina on the Saigon River Saigon Pearl project. Photo: PC

Similarly, the Binh Thien An Co., the project investor Diamond Island (Diamond Island) is also pursuing plans to build a marina on the islands for residents. Located on the area of 8 ha, right confluence of the Saigon River and Giong Mr. Attorney, District 2, from the location of this project only takes 10 minutes by boat to Bach Dang Wharf to the city center.

Take advantage of the river is bordered on three sides, investors have located the project on river marina Giong Mr. Attorney. Investment Capital entire housing projects and $ 300 million marina. To launch the project, these enterprises also buy a heavy-handed yacht worth $ 2 million purchase from the UK called Princess 58 Yacht and Vietnam brought new name is Diamond Island, to bring customers to visit projects project.

While far from a downtown district, Kenton Residences project located in high population planning in Saigon South, as determined by the investor will build a marina can access the ship 20-30 place, combined with Categories riverside park. According Co. commercial production of Natural Resources, the project investment, riverside marina will be located near the villa.


Perspective project with Diamond Island marina river, district 2. Photo: HT

Earlier, in 2008, shares of investment companies had announced Tan Hung Trade Center project and the Hung Dien Residential located southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, the area between Ward 16, District 8 and Tan Kien, Binh Chanh district, with total investment of 700 million. This project is located along two tributaries night markets, have the advantage of the waterway and beautiful scenery. As announced this project, the investors promised a marina to serve future residents needs to go into the center of the city by river boats, yachts.

Talking to VnExpress.net , Chairman City Real Estate Association, Le Hoang Minh Chau, said in a few years, the city began to appear in the investment trend Categories marina with housing projects at. This investment is a positive trend, because this category does not only increase the value of real estate in particular, as beautiful scenery of the city in general, but also significant potential to stimulate tourism and travel spectacular waterway in Saigon. However, he said, first, a marina Categories in the project has been licensed and have proper planning of construction, so more beautiful new landscape around the area.

According to Chau, the project Categories marina is often accompanied by high-class, pre-service residents, as the Suites. Because alone, the value of the yacht, also the lowest few hundred thousand dollars, the highest up to several million, with services also extremely expensive.


Perspective Trade Center projects and residential Hung Dien, District 8, with a marina on the river night markets. Photo: PC

Mr Chau said that the investment rate in this category is not small, even very expensive because they must invest a total force, and thus the whole system, green parks and walkways along the river bank to build a system embankments as yards, dredging, improving the water environment ...

According to this expert, if only the real estate project's construction business marina alone is difficult to develop forms of tourism recreational diversity. Therefore, the State and private investment should handshakes popular type a little yacht, accompanied by rich visual entertainment to make the most of the water potential of HCMC. "River water is no longer seen as the natural obstacles that are great resources of the city. If improved water quality of the tourism potential of the waterway by boat will thrive," Mr Chau said.

Deputy Director of HCM City, Phan The river Fair comment, basically, no other marina with docks. Last time many new residential areas along the river have started the trend of investment in high speed motor boat landing system for residential water travel by personal vehicle. In parallel, the transport of passengers by means of high speed water began to be some investor interest and deployment.


Mr. Bang said, advantage of the waterway as HCM City because of the large river systems are distributed fairly in the province.Saigon has nearly 1,000 km of river function and maritime transportation (574km inland waterways by local Department of Transport Management, 252 km of inland waterways by the Department of National Road domestic water management, 147 km maritime management by the Maritime Administration). 
Compared to other areas, the density of waterway hi high 3.6 times the national average, 10.3 times than China , 38 times higher than Thailand. This system of rivers and canals is a great potential for tourism, pollution and settlement development, especially water transportation.


However, according to Mr. Bang, a limited number are many bridges over the waterway was built long ago, no response is not static, so the aperture means water is not circulated. For ships, yachts, speed boats and means of transportation and public individuals circulate easily, the system must invest in transportation terminals connected.

"In terms of road traffic by increasing the load, the exploitation by means of water transport (private and public) will be a solution should be to encourage investment," he said.

Source: Vnexpress


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